Most people are used to the neat, friendly brown chooks you commonly find in backyards these days; the same birds you see in flocks of thousands on paddocks.

What many may not know is the wide variety of chooks that are also available. Not just the heritage breeds with a pedigree going back centuries, but the backyard and farmyard crossbreeds that tend to result when you have a bit of this and a bit of that.


We keep small breeding flocks of purebreed birds, as well as using the pure roosters to create our farmyard crosses. We sometimes sell fertile eggs and live birds; availability will be posted on our Facebook page.


Layers of the second-darkest chocolate brown eggs in the world. Favoured by James Bond, whose housekeeper kept a flock specifically for his supply.



One of the classic light-bodied Mediterranean breeds, laying large, paper-white eggs.

Ancona flock


These are the classic blue-egg layers. We don't currently have a breeding flock of these; a new flock will start Spring/Summer 2016.

All our blue/green eggs come from Araucana crosses.

Other breeds

We often have purebreeds in our laying flocks as well. Currently the flocks contain Wyandotte, Barnevelder, New Hampshire, Leghorn, Australorp, and Sussex. We do not keep roosters of these breeds, however, so cannot supply purebred eggs or birds.

Farmyard crosses

We do rather specialise in what might politely be called "farmyard crosses". This is mostly because some of the egg colours we need in our rainbow cartons can't be achieved without crossbreeding, but it's also because we just like the interesting and completely unpredictable results that come from what we fondly call "lucky-dip chicks".

We occasionally have chicks through to POL adults available from these crosses. Availability will be posted on our Facebook page.

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