About us

Sourcing and supplying Australian native produce

Many are surprised to find that Australia has an enormous range of edible and delicious plants; more so to find local versions of mint, tomato, and citrus.

It’s then logical to ask: “Why aren’t we growing and eating the plants that grow naturally here?”.

Bent Shed Produce aims to answer that question. We provide knowledge, fresh and dried produce, and value-added products, to bring Australian native flavours into everyone’s kitchen, gardens, and agriculture.

We grow a range of products on our property in Lower Boro, an hour north-east of Canberra, and complement this range with products from the local region and Australia.

We also love to help people learn to cook with these flavours. Regular cooking classes are run with the Canberra Environment Centre, and new sessions are planned in 2019-20 with Perrumba Farm in Bungonia.

We would be delighted to set up sessions for schools, business, or private groups.

Finally, we are anxious to see these plants take their rightful place again in Indigenous and regenerative agricultural practices, assisting local farms to grow bulwarks against the impacts of climate change and changing food requirements. We would love to speak to you about plants that might be suitable for this purpose!

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