Aniseed myrtle - pouches

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Herby aniseed scent.
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The dried leaf of Aniseed Myrtle – Syzygium anisatum. It has a rich, sweet aniseedy scent, suitable for cooking into both sweet and savoury dishes. Use where you may consider fennel or aniseed – potatoes, fish, white meat, or sweet baking.

  • 10g tea pack contains crushed whole aniseed myrtle leaves.
  • 20g and 50g pouches contain finely-ground aniseed myrtle leaves.

Use aniseed myrtle:

  • In sweet baking to add a rich fennel/aniseed flavour.
  • On salads, to accentuate or replace fennel or aniseed.
  • In savoury cooking, particularly with green veggies, fish, or pork
  • As a fennel-like tea, either on its own or mixed with other flavours (for eg, lemon myrtle)
  • To infuse into sweet bases such as milk for custard/icecream, or sugar syrup for sorbets
  • In place of bay leaves in slow cooking
  • Placed on fish or vegetables when steaming or baking
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