Cinnamon myrtle - pouches

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Warm, spicy scent.
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The dried leaf of Backhousia myrtifolia. It is also known as “grey myrtle”.

A warm, spicy herbal scent, with overtones of cinnamon and cardamom. Excellent for adding warmth and depth to sweet or savoury dishes; particularly good in Greek/Mediterranean dishes.

Please note that 20g of whole leaves is about a full paper bag in size. If you need larger quantities than this, please contact us directly with your requirements.

Use cinnamon myrtle:

  • In sweet baking to add a cardamom/cinnamon spicy flavour.
  • Mixed into butter and melted over roast or boiled potato or pumpkin.
  • In savoury cooking, particularly with slow-cooked middle eastern/Moroccan dishes.
  • As a tea, either on its own or mixed with other flavours (for eg, lemon myrtle)
  • To infuse into sweet bases such as milk for custard/icecream, or sugar syrup for sorbets
  • In place of bay leaves in slow cooking
  • Placed on fish or vegetables when steaming or baking
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