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Aniseed myrtle - bulk

Herby aniseed scent.
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The dried leaf of Aniseed Myrtle – Syzygium anisatum. It has a rich, sweet aniseedy scent, suitable for cooking into both sweet and savoury dishes.

Our Aniseed Myrtle is grown and harvested on the lands of the Yuin people, New South Wales.

Use aniseed myrtle:

  • In sweet baking to add a rich fennel/aniseed flavour.
  • On salads, to accentuate or replace fennel or aniseed.
  • In savoury cooking, particularly with green veggies, fish, or pork
  • As a fennel-like tea, either on its own or mixed with other flavours (for eg, lemon myrtle)
  • To infuse into sweet bases such as milk for custard/icecream, or sugar syrup for sorbets
  • In place of bay leaves in slow cooking
  • Placed on fish or vegetables when steaming or baking
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