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Savoury snack pack

Our best-selling savoury flavours!
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30 March 2023: We've completely rejigged the contents of this pack! It now contains more of the savoury flavours and fewer of the teas and coffees. This has increased its price a little, but represents even better value for money.

Or "the savoury kitchen starter pack". Everything you need to spice up your savoury cooking and make delicious little snacks.

Each pack contains:

30 March 2023: the price of the gift packs has increased - but so have the ingredients! Packs now contain Caysha, Spicy Fruit Sprinkle, Peppermint Gum (ground and tea pack), and Quandong.

This pack contains one of every product currently offered by Bent Shed Produce; a total of 20 products.

The Works comes in two different sizes - Large and Small.

  1. Large has 50g packs of all the products except the tea (10g pack).
  2. Small has 20g packs of all products except the tea (10g pack).

Each pack contains:

All packed with tissue paper and ribbon into a bag or box with the Bent Shed Produce logo.

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