Forestberry herb - bulk

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Intensely sweet berry scent.
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This is the dried leaf of Forestberry Herb, also known as Strawberry Gum: Eucalyptus olida. It has an intensely sweet scent that adds the aroma of berries to sweet or even savoury cooking, making dishes smell sweeter without adding any additional sweetener.

Use forestberry herb leaves:

  • In sweet cooking, to add sweetness without extra sugar (ground leaves)
  • For adding into rubs, marinades, or salad dressings.
  • The ground leaves are particularly good in biscuits and meringues/pavolvas
  • Infuse either ground or whole leaves into liquids as the base for sweet cooking, such as milk for custards, or sugar syrup for sauces, sorbets, and drinks.
  • The whole leaves make a lovely sweetly-scented tea, with a mild, light flavour.
  • Also excellent in cosmetics such as soaps and potpourri due to the lovely scent.
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