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Wattleseed - bulk

Coffee, chocolate and hazelnut flavours.
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Wattleseed is the dried and roasted seeds of Acacia victoriae. Also known as Elegant Wattle, Prickly Wattle, and Gundabluie/Gundabluey.

Our wattleseed is wild-harvested on the lands of the Nukunu people in the southern Flinders Rangers, South Australia.

Wattleseed has a round coffee/chocolate/hazelnut flavour, suitable for using in sweet and savoury dishes.

Use wattleseed:

  • In baking. It is superb in breads, dampers, rolls, etc.
  • In sweet cooking, where it will add a lovely warm nutty round flavour – biscuits, cakes, icecream, sorbets, etc.
  • In rubs, bastes, marinades, and salad dressings.
  • As a hot drink in its own right, or added to coffee/chocolate in a plunger or espresso machine. Wattleseed contains no caffeine.
  • It is soluble in water, although it doesn’t dissolve, and adds a rich brown colour to cooking.
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