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Lemon anise salt - bulk

Salt blended with lemon myrtle, aniseed myrtle, and mountain pepperleaf.
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Lemon Anise Salt is an infused salt mix made from ground lemon myrtle, ground aniseed myrtle, and mountain pepperleaf, blended into Murray River Salt Flakes.

This mix is made on the lands of the Gundungurra people of New South Wales.

This combination has a gentle lemony herby warmth, complemented by the rich lemon and aniseed flavour/scents.

It makes a fantastic alternative to plain salt. It also makes an excellent dry rub or wet marinade (add olie oil and wine, and marinate for 30mins, no more) for veggies and meats.

Note that the Murray River Salt Flakes are saltier than sea salts, so use less until you're used to the flavour.

Use lemon anise salt on:

  • Eggs - just sprinkle on top of your cooked egg
  • Green leafy veggies, such as warrigal greens - sprinkled on after the dish has finished cooking
  • Mediterranean veggies, such as zucchini and eggplant - sliced thickly and marinated for 30mins, then grilled
  • Fish - sprinkled on top, or used in a marinade
  • Pork - make it into an absolutely superb wet marinade. The salt ensures you don't lose the best part of the pork - the crackling!
  • Chicken - finish off your dish, or rub over before cooking
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