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Truffled Peppersalt

Truffly, earthy goodness with our bestselling peppersalt!
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Our classic Native Peppersalt infused with truffles!

We're in truffle country. In partnership with Tarago Truffles, we offer these seasonally-made packets of deliciousness. Whole fresh truffle is blended with the salt, drying and curing the truffle for extended life. Whole truffles are also stored in the containers, infusing even more scent into the salts. These aren't subtle flavours!

We have two varieties:

  1. Spicy Truffled Peppersalt. The standard Peppersalt with whole truffle blended with the other flavours. Rich and earthy and peppery.
  2. Herby Truffled Peppersalt. This uses Mountain Pepperleaf as the main pepper component, and rather emphasises the umami tomato flavour of Kutjera. The truffle earthiness is thus balanced by lighter, sharper flavours. My personal favourite.
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