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Native peppersalt - pouches - wholesale

Salt infused with mountain pepperberry, mountain pepperleaf, and either kutjera or wattleseed.
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This is our absolute bestseller, a salt mix made from ground mountain pepperberries, ground mountain pepperleaf, and ground wattleseed OR akadjura/kutjera (depending on availability), blended into Murray River Salt Flakes.

It’s designed as an alternative to plain salt, and is to be used the same way – as a condiment, just one small pinch to enhance savoury dishes.

The combination is strangely addictive, making plain salt seem very ... plain.

Note that the Murray River Salt Flakes are saltier than sea salts, so use less until you're used to the flavour.

Use Native Peppersalt on:

  • Potatoes and other roasted root vegetables. It is particularly good on oven-roasted wedges. Make lots. Also fantastic on beetroot.
  • Red meats, particularly beef or kangaroo. Excellent sprinkled on just before or after cooking. Amazingly good if you roll a fillet in the salt, let it sit for about 15mins, and then oven-roast. The salt mostly drips off as the meat cooks, leaving a rich flavour behind. The drippings then make a lovely gravy.
  • Eggs. A tiny amount on your boiled, scrambled, poached, or fried eggs. Warning: the pepperberries will turn purple on your eggs, which can be disconcerting if you don’t realise it’s going to happen!
  • Everywhere else you might use salt.
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