Lemonberry sugar - bulk

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White sugar blended with lemon myrtle and forestberry herb.
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Lemonberry sugar infuses dried and ground lemon myrtle, and forestberry herb (strawberry gum), into plain white Australian sugar.

Use it wherever you use sugar. The rich lemon and berry sweetness of the herbs adds a distinctive aroma to your dishes.

Use lemonberry sugar in:

  • Meringues and pavolas
  • Lemonberry bikkies
  • Cheesecakes
  • Sprinkled over pancakes with lemon and sugar, or cooked into the pancakes themselves
  • Sweet french toast
  • Creme brûlée and other custardy dishes
  • Crusting the edges of cocktail glasses - such as margheritas
  • Making sugar syrup for sorbets and cocktails
  • Sweetening serving cream
  • Custard, particularly for making icecream
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